Summer Leaves Us Behind

Summer has come and gone, it is time to bundle up for winter. My joints all ready ache with the fall nipping near. I am excited for my classes to start this week. It has been a long while since I have posted as I have struggled with my health dearly this summer. I gotContinue reading “Summer Leaves Us Behind”

The Construct Of The Apron; Cleaning Up Ableism

As someone who is creating art centered around the topic of ableism, I wanted to make something I could use but also send a message on. Ableism is something I absolutely hate; I am an activist and I will use my art to change perceptions and open people’s eyes to truth of the world we liveContinue reading “The Construct Of The Apron; Cleaning Up Ableism”

Art Series; Pandemonium *Trigger Warning*

Title: “Pandemonium” Medium: Mixed Media, including: Old computer tower, ink, acrylic paint, tracing paper, Mylar, glue, adhesive, old keyboard, sheet, embroidery thread Size: “Trusted Society For Ethical Treatment” 19” x 5”  “Political Incarceration The Asylum Era” 15.3” x 16” x 7.8” “Behind These Ableist Walls” 18” x 6.5” x 0.6” “Societies Acceptance Of Filicide” 19”Continue reading “Art Series; Pandemonium *Trigger Warning*”

Is Illness Really Taboo?

            Illness is not taboo, or is it? Ableism is something within society that procures misrepresented ideological views of the disabled and the sick. Ableism is discrimination against people who are disabled. The world is set up for people who are non-disabled; this is a fact. Before I get into the details of my video,Continue reading “Is Illness Really Taboo?”

Advocating For Yourself

            Something you’ll have to continue to do throughout your disease journey or chronic illness is advocate for yourself. What is advocating? Advocate is defined as “[a] person who is appointed to advise on and protect the rights, needs, etc., of a vulnerable adult or child, and act as his or her representative” (“advocate”). WhenContinue reading “Advocating For Yourself”