MCAS Hangover

For those of you who have the terrible Mast Cell Disease the hangover may be something you are familiar with. Lucky for those of who have Mast Cell Disease we feel hungover when we wake up in the morning. The hangover feeling isn’t from partying all night, or from drinking, it is from our histamineContinue reading “MCAS Hangover”

Writing Has Been A Challenge

Lately I have been stuck trying to write but something is getting in the way. Is it the brain fog, is it the exhaustion I am facing making a documentary? I feel a little stunted and I am not sure why. I have struggled to find words to write down for the purpose of shortContinue reading “Writing Has Been A Challenge”

Documenting The Documentary Journey

Life in the bubble is a documentary that is being made possible by Storyhive and Telus. I have been granted an amazing opportunity to share what it is like to live a bubble life. As someone who lives with my sock to life outside of my bubble is scary. And I feel like it’s timeContinue reading “Documenting The Documentary Journey”