It Has Been Rough

I am working towards my goals, some dreams and some of the things in between. But it is rough. When you have ambition and drive deep in your being but a body that does not work nor listen it creates roadblocks and bumps a long the way. I want to post on here more thenContinue reading “It Has Been Rough”

The Truth About Abuse

What is the truth about abuse? The social stigma that is attached to it. Abusers are not generally abusive with their friends, sometimes their true nature seeps through and other times it is not. I am tired of the abuse cycle, the sleepless nights, walking on eggshells and feeling unheard. Abuse is not only physicalContinue reading “The Truth About Abuse”

Insomnia HyperPOTS You Suck

When normies have told me how they can not sleep I can not relate. I have high norepinephrine in my body pumping all of the time, and at night is as though my hyperPOTS is waiting for the cover of night to mess with me. I am so tired but can not sleep. I findContinue reading “Insomnia HyperPOTS You Suck”

What I Did This Summer

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy over this summer is because I’ve actually been working more on my book which I actually completed. I am so excited to actually even say that I have finished it. I have written it over and over again over the years I’ve written it and destroyed itContinue reading “What I Did This Summer”

Summer Leaves Us Behind

Summer has come and gone, it is time to bundle up for winter. My joints all ready ache with the fall nipping near. I am excited for my classes to start this week. It has been a long while since I have posted as I have struggled with my health dearly this summer. I gotContinue reading “Summer Leaves Us Behind”

The Construct Of The Apron; Cleaning Up Ableism

As someone who is creating art centered around the topic of ableism, I wanted to make something I could use but also send a message on. Ableism is something I absolutely hate; I am an activist and I will use my art to change perceptions and open people’s eyes to truth of the world we liveContinue reading “The Construct Of The Apron; Cleaning Up Ableism”

Surviving Chronic Illness Comic #3; Isolation

Surviving Chronic Illness; Learning About Ableist Language

Ableism And Identity               “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” — Brian Tracy.               Ableism is something that has been prevalent in museum settings for ages, accommodations seem to only be made for those who are immobileContinue reading “Surviving Chronic Illness; Learning About Ableist Language”

Art Series; Pandemonium *Trigger Warning*

Title: “Pandemonium” Medium: Mixed Media, including: Old computer tower, ink, acrylic paint, tracing paper, Mylar, glue, adhesive, old keyboard, sheet, embroidery thread Size: “Trusted Society For Ethical Treatment” 19” x 5”  “Political Incarceration The Asylum Era” 15.3” x 16” x 7.8” “Behind These Ableist Walls” 18” x 6.5” x 0.6” “Societies Acceptance Of Filicide” 19”Continue reading “Art Series; Pandemonium *Trigger Warning*”

Behind Surviving Chronic Illness; Ari Cubangbang

            I am a writer, an artist and a student at AUArts. I live with multiple rare diseases and complications from them. I have had non-modularly familial papillary thyroid carcinoma, which spread to my muscle and lymph nodes. I had bilateral radical neck dissection, which resulted in me having muscle, lymph nodes, and thyroid removed.Continue reading “Behind Surviving Chronic Illness; Ari Cubangbang”