The Construct Of The Apron; Cleaning Up Ableism

As someone who is creating art centered around the topic of ableism, I wanted to make something I could use but also send a message on. Ableism is something I absolutely hate; I am an activist and I will use my art to change perceptions and open people’s eyes to truth of the world we liveContinue reading “The Construct Of The Apron; Cleaning Up Ableism”

Art Series; Pandemonium *Trigger Warning*

Title: “Pandemonium” Medium: Mixed Media, including: Old computer tower, ink, acrylic paint, tracing paper, Mylar, glue, adhesive, old keyboard, sheet, embroidery thread Size: “Trusted Society For Ethical Treatment” 19” x 5”  “Political Incarceration The Asylum Era” 15.3” x 16” x 7.8” “Behind These Ableist Walls” 18” x 6.5” x 0.6” “Societies Acceptance Of Filicide” 19”Continue reading “Art Series; Pandemonium *Trigger Warning*”