Ableism A Systemic Issue

A short film can be viewed on my youtube channel. NAKED; THIS IS NOT A NUDE FILM BY ARI CUBANGBANG – YouTube

I am a passionate artist, I make art when I can and wanted to share a video with everyone I have created about chronic illness and how it impacts my life. I do talk about ableism a lot this is because it is a systemic issue and something I truly want to see change.

Published by Ari Villain

Artist and writer. Living with chronic illness and writing about it. I have survived two cancers, I live with hyperadrenergic postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, ehlers-danlos syndrome, mast cell activation syndrome, jaundice, esophagus dysmotility, Chilblains, Raynaud's, migraines, asthma, and more. I have mental health problems which I am not ashamed of, I have CPTSD, anxiety, and depression. My medical history is extensive, but I will continue moving forward. I have hope to help others not feel isolated alone, and forgotten by an ableist society.

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